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How It Works

Struggling to get to grips with the variety of savings accounts? This section helps you understand the different steps to start a savings accounts.

1. Register for free

Make a simple registration and verify your account. An account no. will be generated automatically

2. Choose an amount

Deposit the amount you want to save and get a reasonable interest for every deposit.

3. Add recipient’s bank

Add an account to receive payment on every withdrawal

4. Verify your identity

Verification is done by Email or SMS. get your account verified to enable withdrawal and deposit.

5. Pay for your transfer

A little fee is attached to every money transfer that is made.

6. That’s it

With our simplified user interface, we provide easy and simple to use dashboard

Saving Explained

Helping you understand your savings choices and the importance in saving.

Clients Feedback

Find out why others have chosen to trust us for financial solutions.